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    Our loyalty program for additional perks, benefits, and discounts? 
    Q: Do I Qualify? 
    A: All customers are eligible for our loyalty discounts.
    Q: How many levels of discounts are there?
    A: There are three levels. Bronze, Silver, Gold. Take a look below for the different groups.

    Account Type Spend Discount
    Bronze $3000 10%
    Silver $5000 15%
    Gold $7500 20%


    Q: How do I get upgraded to the next level?
    A: Just spend the dollar amount mentioned and we will do the rest for you.
    Q: Can I combine my loyalty discount with additional specials or discounts?
    A: Yes and No. If we are running a special on an item you will receive the lowest price listed as a special without any additional discounts. If you have a discount code than yes you will be able to rack in even more savings.
    Q: I still have a few questions?
    A: Feel free to contact us by phone, instagram or email and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.