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    Metal Prints | Aluminum Printed Photographs

    What makes our Metal Prints stand out vs others?

    Fade Resistant 

    We only use Chromaluxe® brand aluminum sheets for the highest quality possible. Not only do we use the best metals but also the inks. We use Epson for printers and inks which are not only the best in the industry but also 100% eco friendly as well. Take a look at some recent tests showing Chromaluxe® brand has more than 3x better permanence than Kodak Silver Halide Prints, resisting fading for 65+ years! CLICK HERE for the test results by Wilhelm Imaging.

    Color Brilliance 

    We use a process called SUBLIMATION. Using this process we are able to not only provide the longevity of the prints however the color vibrance and amazing resolution. Images are printed than pressed into the metals rather than printed directly on top of a piece or metal. We custom calibrate our printers and presses to make sure to get the best possible color output.


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    Metal Prints Metal Prints
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